Tokenblauser GPSDO

Tokenblauser GPSDO

Tokenblauser GPSDO

Tokenblauser GPSDO

Tokenblauser GPSDO

Tokenblauser GPSDO

Tokenblauser GPSDO

Tokenblauser GPSDO
PLL synthesized outputs
  • 4
Output frequency range
  • 0.16 to 200/350/710 MHz (depending on a PLL type)
Frequency setting
  • With 1 Hz steps (or very fine tuning with 1 ppt steps)
Auxiliary output
  • 10 MHz
Frequency stability
  • 0.001 ppm or better
Signal levels
  • 3.3V CMOS logic
Output connector
  • BNC
GNSS antenna type
  • External, active, 3.3V
GNSS constellations
  • GPS, Galileo
  • 100mm x 100mm x 25mm (PCB)
  • 105mm x 105mm x 35mm (enclosure)
Accessories inside the box
  • 12V power adapter (EU or US)
  • GPS active antenna
  • USB cable
  • User’s manual
  • Made in EU
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice
Getting the most out of your radio has never been easier

Independent PLL-synthesized outputs

Stand-alone or OEM applications

Frequency control: from the LCD front panel or
via USB connection to a PC

User interface: 0.91” monochrome OLED; three
front panel buttons

Four memory profiles

connecting external OCXO, GNSS receiver

no programming skills are required

Source code and schematics are available for
deeper modifications

Achieve impressive stability for frequency reading.
Use the GPS-disciplined oscillator with super-accurate and super-stable characteristics to calibrate your gear.

Where to buy

USA and Canada

Yuri Onipko, N2WCQ/VE3DZ RigExpert USA and Canada, Inc.

ph: 716-240-2597
Buffalo, N.Y.


PCS Elektronik d.o.o.

Delavska cesta 41
SI-4000 Kranj
ph./Fax: +386 4 2316129
fax: +386 4 2316-128


3021 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102.
ph.: 866-535-4442