RigExpert Tokenblauser GPSDO

Achieve impressive stability for frequency reading.
Use the GPS-disciplined oscillator with super-accurate and super-stable characteristics to calibrate your gear.

Enjoy experimenting with an Aurdino-compatible GPSDO embedded with open-source firmware.

Four outputs allow you to simultaneously as a stable test signal and use the Tokenblauser for the GPS discipline of several devices.

Getting the most out of your radio has never been easier.


• Laboratory reference clock
• Driving PLLs in RF/microwave/satellite applications


• Independent PLL-synthesized outputs
• Stand-alone or OEM applications
• Frequency control: from the LCD front panel or
via USB connection to a PC
• User interface: 0.91” monochrome OLED; three
front panel buttons
• Four memory profiles
• Possible modifications: connecting external
OCXO, GNSS receiver, using complimentary
outputs with
etc.; no programming skills are required
• Source code and schematics are available for
deeper modifications