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Company News


World ARDF Championships, Sokcho, KOREA 2018

Rig Expert Ukraine was one of the sponsor of Ukrainian national team for 19th World ARDF Championships, Sokcho, KOREA 2018! Our Chief Engineer and developer of ARDF equipment, Oleg Олег Шуман (Oleg Shuman), also joint the team …


Meet the AntScope for Android OS!

Turn your own RigExpert antenna analyzer into the real lab instrument. Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. by popular demand finally releases the companion application for well-known AA antenna analyzers. Download and install application onto your smartphone to: ∙ …


The RigExpertCare™. Reloaded

The RigExpertCare™ is the best way just to feel secure. In rare cases, when warranty repair is required for your RigExpert instrument, the RigExpertCare™ will help you to get the work finished in time. The device which …